Evidence Based Practice Research Paper

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Evidence based practice is where health professionals uses the most appropriate information available to make clinical decisions for individual patients. Evidence based practice values, enhances, and builds on clinical expertise, knowledge of disease mechanisms, and pathophysiology. Effective EBP takes time and energy and involves five steps. Those steps include; 1) formulating questions that need to be answered. 2) retrieval of the needed information to answer the questions, 3) reading and assessing the retrieved information to help make a clinical decision, 4) carry out the decision, 5) evaluate the process to ascertain if optimal outcomes have been obtained for the patient and health care system Clinicians often find it quicker to rely on their own experience or advice from a colleague when they must make decisions that include some elements of uncertainty (McKibbon, 1998).…show more content…
The internet currently has 150 million sites; few of those sites however contain health care information reports on clinical research (McKibbon, 1998). The health care knowledge base, documented in the health care literature, is vast and ever increasing and changing. Clinicians who practice evidence based practice rely heavily on the literature, viewing and applying it differently than traditional practioners. Health care literature can consist of reports from four different stages or levels of development. The stages include; 1) reports that consist of letters, editorials, thought out pieces, broad general review articles, and case reports. All consist of the earliest level of evaluation, comprised of reports that deal with communication of ideas among researchers and clinician; 2) the second study includes reports consisting of studies and investigations done in laboratories with test tubes, tissue samples, and often animals; 3) during this stage humans are being tested. 4) (McKibbon,

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