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Evidence Based Practice: PICOT In today’s nursing practice many of the knowledge acquired is a mixture of standard nurse education, trial and error on the job training, personal experiences and traditional nursing practice from founding nursing mentors and or leaders. Some or many of these practices may not have had any evidence based science before their existence. The purpose of this paper is to explain what evidence based practice is, the purpose for it in clinical practice and applying the models and research of EBP nursing practice using a research article about Total Knee Arthoplasty (TKA). The Five Models of Evidence-Based Practice The PICOT model for writing questions is a clinical question model developed by Fineout-Overholt and Johnston that helps health care professions formulate clinical questions. This model will help…show more content…
This is a type of critique used to verify the validity of the study and weigh the pros and cons. Once this is established the nurse will compare how the findings in his or her EBP to that of their current clinical practice (Nieswiadomy, 2012, p.272). For the total knee arthoplasty article, this model will be used to compare the clinical setting to that of the nurse researching to establish a new warming practice for patients’ in the pre and perioperative settings. The models that would be recommended for implementation to this research problem is the PICOT model for writing questions, care bundles and the stetler model of research utilization. The PICOT model helps the nurse formulate questions regarding the situation at hand. The care bundle model with help provide the most optimal quality of care for the patients researched using multiple interventions as oppose to just one. And the Stetler model encourages that nurse to question the validity of the research in order to make a sound judgment.

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