Everything Leads To Success Essay

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As stated by Venkant Desiretty “Success is a state of mind. If you do things with heart everything leads to success”. This quote leads to this understanding that success is a desire which people want to achieve. To put in another way success can be defined in many ways by different kind of people. In other words it is a something that needs hard work in order to be accomplished yet some believes state that talent can influence success which is attained. However I would still like to hold onto my idea which is that in order to success hard work and enthusiasm is needed. For instance if an example needs to be stated, it have to be Michael Jordan who worked really hard to success in basketball. He is one of the great basketball players in the world. However how do you think he attained this title? Of course by working hard every day…show more content…
For instance many people states the fact that talent or luck alone is not enough but what if it is literally possible. The TV which people watch every day has this kind of programs in which person has to rely on his or her luck. There is one in which players gather spins by finding answers to questions. They then use that spins for 18-space game board to win cash and prizes. The contestant who collects the most cash and prize wins at the end. There are a lot of TV programs or shows like this in which they only depend only in luck. On the other hand if contestants are not lucky enough they will fail and will not be able to succeed. This states the clear fact that luck is needed for success too and sometimes with only luck people can succeed. All things considered shows that success is an impenetrable thing that is hard to achieve. With the facts I stated I made it clear that above that it needs to conclude all aspects such as working hard, enthusiasm and luck. For years and years people will continue to depend on this things to achieve their goals and

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