Examples Of Morpho-Syntactic Errors

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3.2 Morpho-syntactic errors Morpho-syntactic errors refer to the other class of syntactic errors. These errors are basically caused due to the misconception of the syntactic rules. These misconceptions affect the morphology of a word. The errors concerning the tense, agreement or case requirements within a sentence are the examples of the morpho-syntactic errors[3]. Examples: He go to the school yesterday. (He went to the school yesterday.) I did not went to the market. (I did not go to the market.) The above two statements are the examples of morpho-syntactic errors with their corrections in the brackets. DETECTION AND CORRECTION OF ERRORS OF COMPETENCE This section basically describes the method for error detection and correction for errors of competence. This method maps the incorrect sentences into correct sentences using grammar[8]. The terms used in this…show more content…
The sentences that do not lie in these set of statements are considered to be incorrect. Hence, the correct sentences by the strict grammar are of utmost importance[7]. When strict grammar checking for segment grammars is enabled, exceptions are thrown as noted in the situations detailed in the following diagram. Note that only the first error in the message is reported. The tolerant grammars describe the errors that may occur or are likely to occur in the given language fragment. The tolerant grammar thus contains the rules describing incorrect syntactic constructions. Syntactic errors of competence are predictable and recognized easily. Anticipating the syntactic errors using tolerant grammars by writing its codes are useful in detecting and correcting errors. Using tolerant grammars, the correction of syntactic errors are permitted. Method The detection and correction of syntactic errors using tolerant and strict grammar proceeds in the following

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