Integrated Health Professional Analysis

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The integrated health professional is a health care professional who encompasses a holistic approach to his or her work. They work co-operatively and combine various aspects of the health science field to ensure they are well equipped to handle any situation they are faced with. Health science deals directly with people who are in need, and in order for them to be given the best possible treatment; a health professional needs to be competent in carrying out his or her duties. This is where integration within health care allows carers to adapt their wide range of skills to the problems they are faced with. To be a professional one has to present one’s self respectfully, have a caring attitude and interpersonal expertise and be committed to life-long…show more content…
The model of the integrated health care professional can be divided into three areas namely the Knowing, the Empathic and the Reflective Professional. The knowing dimension is associated with the knowledge and occupational skill of professional practise. Health Care professionals hold a lot of responsibilities i.e. the lives of their patients in their hands and therefore it is required that they are proficient and adept in their art. The empathic dimension is related to the “development of inter-personal skills based on social understanding”. They are required to be aware of the feelings and emotions of others and their own in order to convey sincerity to their patients. The reflective dimension relates to the intra personal areas of self-realisation and self-awareness. (Harden RM, 1999, pp. 546-552 quoted by Olckers, L Gibbs, T Duncan, M. 2007). As health care professionals cannot allow personal issues to interfere with the understanding of their patients. A good example of this in the prescribed reading was the over-identification in a high school teacher named Julia who confused her pupil’s experience with her own and as a result she was not able to give sound advice. (Gibson, 2002, pp.…show more content…
Otherwise over-identification with patients can become a serious problem. Health professionals will get too involved and will not be able to manage . Burnout is used to describe this state in which a person has over-exerted themselves and are not able to cope with their current lifestyle. (Gibson, 2002). The value of being and integrated health practioner is displayed here as a health practioner who follows the correct steps will maintain good body health and mental health which is rarely seen in current

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