Dhiraagu Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Management ? Consulation on Marketing strategy of Dhiraagu Executive Summary Marketing management?is the organizational discipline which can make focusing on the techniques, practical application of?marketing?orientation and methods inside enterprises in the management of a firm's marketing activities and resources. The brand audit investigates the return on existing investments, trends in a business? net profits and its established economic value. It determines the business? entire financial strength and assesses a business? image and reputation with its customers. It determines how is perceived as an industry leader in technology, along with exceptional customer service, offering a product or service innovations, other…show more content…
Evaluation of current marketing strategy of any organisation is not the easy task. For this work the author has selected Maldives biggest telecommunication company Dhiraagu plc. The purpose of this report is to evaluate and consulting to improve the business of the organisation which aiming to change the current marketing strategy for product and service innovation. In the report consists with outlining the areas of research undertaken with other evidence sources. It has assessed the current market targeting, market segmentation and competitive positioning which relates to improving the future market relevance for sustainability and success. It further explains the current buying behaviour and the environmental factors and state how the client should take effective measures to meet changes in buying behaviour. It explains how selected marketing mix forward to achieve business growth and the current customer service to enhance…show more content…
Weaknesses May be affected by adverse changes in the local communication market influenced by general economic conditions of the Maldives Not be able to obtain sufficient money to satisfy its operation and capital expenditure requirements. Maldivian telecommunication market includes competing technologies, Third parties may gain unauthorized access network committing cyber crime which may interrupt service to customers. Enhancing competitive market. A weak cost structure means?Dhiraagu?s costs are high in comparison to their competitors Weak customer service hurts?Dhiraagu?s reputation. Opportunities Leveraging the balance sheet : It allows??to quickly expand into other markets and products by Dhiraagu, especially in fragmented industries. Greater innovation: The innovation can help?the company to produce unique products and services that meet customer?s

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