European Empires In The Early Modern Era

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Early modern era was different because empires tried to build and expand their empire by conquering others. The first empire was those of European who expanded differently because they did not conquer their adjacent territories; they conquered away from their heartland which was America. There were several categories that helped them to carve out that huge empire which were geography, motivation, economic, political, and religion. Moreover, they made a network of exchanging which was known as the Colombian Exchange, and they brought with them people, disease, resources, plant, and animal. What they brought helped them to take over these new lands and became the dominant one especially the diseases because the native people had not immunities. For example, the "Great Dying" that occurred in Mexico caused a declaration of population from 10 to 20 million to about 1 million, and that catastrophe created labor shortage. Therefore European brought slaves from Africa. European encounter had affected South and North America differently; European colonies did not just conquer and govern those societies, but rather they produced completely new…show more content…
Russian made some polices to these new conquered people. One of these polices was to swore to the tsar, the monarch of the Russian empire. Also, Russian pressured people to convert to "Orthodoxy", and they pressured them by making them to pay tax, paying tribute, and having better life if they converted. Conquered people should learn the Russian language, and they want to stop the nomadic way of life by making them paying taxes if they want to feed their animals. Some changes happened in Russia which were population diversity, became two in two continent Asia and Europe, and became military state with absolute

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