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Asia prior to the 19th century played a significant role in international relations among the world. The historical narrative The Question of Hu subjectively demonstrates how Christianity, science, and European knowledge were brought to the Chinese culture. The historical novel East Asia at the Center puts Asia’s international relations into perspective by explaining the powerful uprisings of the Ming and Qing Empires. The historical narrative The Question of Hu resembles how Christianity was spread throughout China, while East Asia at the Center reveals how prevailing the Ming and Qing Empires; providing Asia with the dominance they had across the world. The Question of Hu written by Jonathan D. Spence appoints the religious and economical connections between Asia and European countries. At the beginning of the narrative, it explains how strong of a Christian faith Hu had by Hu taking on the baptismal name John, after the homage to Father John Laureati. In 1722, John (Hu) accompanied Jean-Francios…show more content…
He established his power by campaigning to defeat any domestic or foreign threats. Zhu’s army led to the seizing of the city Nanjing. Nanjing, which was located near the lower part of the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River was essential to the Ming Empire through trade, irrigation, transportation, and industrial revolution. Zhu also attacked the Yuan Empire and gained control of Bejing, demonstrating his power across Asia. Zhu Jianwen became emperor after Yuanzhang died, but his uncle Zhu Di caused an uprising and gained power. Most importantly Zhu Di reconstructed the Grand Canal. The reconstruction of the Grand Canal provided interaction between Asia and foreign countries. The Grand Canal is the longest canals, connecting many different river systems. Furthermore the connection of different river system allowed for the Grand Canal to serve as the economic lifeline of indigenous trade within

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