The Role Of Choices In The Great Gatsby

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Who makes the final call if a choice is good or bad? Every individual on this planet is responsible and has the right to an own choice on any aspect in life. No one is to judge whether it’s a 'good' or 'bad' choice. The Bureaucracy is the main group that judges the world. There are several choices that have a pre-determined end result. The involvement if whether a choice leads to a negative consequence is a whole different understanding. Scott Fitzgerald's the Great Gatsby, the days of Malcolm X, and the U.S Presidential election of 2015 are paradigms of choices. In the Great Gatsby, Daisy's lover Gatsby made excessive amounts of choices throughout the novel. Majority of them were bad choices, even though his intentions were good. At times when he made good choices, in his opinion, ended up having negative consequences. The first meeting that Nick arranged in his house, turned out to be an awkward sitting for Gatsby and Daisy. Gatsby expected her to fall in love with him all over, but his expectations were absurd. Arguments in New York lead to resentment, depressions and Daisy killing Tom’s Mistress by accident. In this case no matter what Gatsby’s intentions were, the outcomes were almost always pejorative.…show more content…
He assisted the movement that MLK started years ago. As Malcolm X converted African Americans to the religion of Islam, many of them became more civilized and peaceful. This massive change was another reason for the white community to accept the blacks. Although Malcolm X had the most welcoming intentions towards the crowd, the positive choices he made lead to pejorative outcomes. He was assassinated on stage as he was lecturing the community. He made precipitous choices; commenting of JFK’s assassination, which offended the whites, as this triggered the final call for his unexpected
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