Animal Farm Satire Essay

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Orwell specifically targets the working class animals for satire in Animal Farm because the animals represent the working class of Russia who contributed to their own oppression through their obliviousness, stupidity, and will to face reality. The working class animals brought their own oppression because they were swayed by their own emotions instead of their logical thinking. When Snowball and Napoleon argued over what the , the animals “could not make up their mind which was right; indeed, they always found themselves in agreement with the one who was speaking at the moment” (36). Napoleon and Snowball were currently arguing over what the best plan was for the future of Animal Farm. Snowball insisted that causing other farms to rebel…show more content…
Jones owned the farm. Even though the animals worked like slaves much like when Mr. Jones owned the farm, the animals were “happy in their work” (42). The animals never protested against the pigs when faced with harsh labor. They enjoyed it even though they were living in worse conditions, which allowed the pigs to oppress them because of the lack of protests. They never planned another rebellion because they were willfully ignoring reality and accepting anything from the pigs as fair and just. This is socially criticising the Russian working class’ lack of thinking and their obliviousness to the reality of their conditions. These feelings of work are reproduced in the non-porcine animals of Animal Farm when they enjoy the work instead of hating the harsh conditions they had to work in. Without rebellion, the animals could not end the reign of Napoleon, or Stalin of Russia, much like they had to the Mr. Jones, or the tsar of Russia. They had the power, but their obliviousness to reality prevents them from thinking about rebellion and continues to stay under Napoleon’s rule. The irony is the fact that the animals loved the work despite the worse conditions they had to work in and the breaking of the commandment of equality. One of the commandment stated that “all animals are equal” (18). However, they did not try to stop the pigs’ rule and end the inequality they have been facing even with a commandment that stated that all animals were equal. They continued to stay silent and suffered greatly from their

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