Eureka Phenomenon

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The Eureka Phenomenon, a term many have heard of but are unaware of its meaning or origin. Isaac Asimov, an American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books, ( Asimov had a brilliant view at how our brains function and conduct thinking operations. Asimov goes into great detail of his theory of the Eureka Phenomenon and the occurrence of it. He uses excellent examples of logic, emotion and establishing is credibility throughout the writing. HIs first appeal to logic is shown when he explains how he feels thinking occurs and uses an example to help the reader better understand his point of view. He states, “ It is my belief, you see, that thinking is a double phenomenon like breathing,” (Asimov, 520). This is a good example to show how…show more content…
The King was so blinded by the greed for the crown that it blocks his judgment. If he continues on this path he will block all logic and will continue down the slope. finally a last example that Asimov uses to establish his credibility is his knowledge of the topic at hand. Asimov uses such distinct detail and uses examples within the story to show how the Eureka Phenomenon takes place. If you are focusing too hard on one topic, you can prove to be unsuccessful. Asimov says that involuntary thought was not allowed to flourish because you are thinking to hard about the topic. He states that when he was in the midst of a problem he could not solve, he shifted his focus, and “shuffled” off to the movies ( Asimov, 520). This helped him to work through his difficulty of trying to think to hard. It is important to keep work and play at an owl level. If you work to much and that is all that is on your mind, you will actually be less productive. You need to give your brain a moment to recuperate and that is when you will be most

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