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Edgar Allan Poe was poet who grew up living in poverty, depressed, and with deaths of his loved ones. Edgar Allen Poe was not only a poet who changed the business but he also invented genres who got people more interested in his dark and suspenseful poems. Poe would write very dark poems due to the tragedies he had experienced throughout his life with all of his loved ones. He was marked at very early age with the abandonment from his father and the death of his mother but he was taken by a family close to his mom. After Poe was adopted he always had trouble with his step-father who never really accepted or saw Edgar Allan Poe as a son. Edgar Allan Poe was not only a poet he was also an athlete, and a respected Sergeant General in which in…show more content…
Edgar was to inherit this fortune and continue to work in John Allan’s firm, however Edgar had no plans of being a business man which John Allan thought was absurd and their relationship even worse. They would quarrel constantly. Poe would eventually find love in the arms of Sarah Elmira Royster and would secretly get engaged with her. Being the son of struggling actors Sarah’s parents just like John prohibited their relationship so in1826 John would send Edgar to the University of Virginia. John Allan had several reasons for sending Poe to the University of Virginia other than to separate him from his beloved fiancée Sarah which were to get him away from his house and to mold him into a gentleman. Post-secondary education would be critical for Poe for some of the habits that defined him were picked up during his years at the University of Virginia. In the article titled, “biography of Edgar Allan Poe” it states “According to the code of the day, a gentleman was expected to drink hard and be able to hold his liquor.” (Cornelius 11). The only problem was that Poe couldn’t hold his liquor and would often get rowdy when intoxicated. This problem would follow him and scar him for life. Another problem Poe experienced while at the University of Virginia was financial struggles, because he arrived there with only 110 dollars to pay annual charges of 350 dollars.…show more content…
Like it had been a custom Poe couldn’t depend on John Allan for financial help and now Poe was alone in the world and had to find a way to make a living. In 1835 Poe would find a job as a book and short fiction reviewer. His new job was for the Southern Literary Messenger. The magazine sales would increase vastly from 500 to 3,500copies sold. Poe would make $10 a week. In 1835 Poe would move back to Richmond when his grandmother Elizabeth Cairnes Poe Passed away and left back her daughter Maria Clemm with her little girl Virginia unable to pay the rent. Poe would then propose to his little 13 year old cousin Virginia through a letter and Virginia would accept his offer. They would officially get married on May 16, 1836. By now Poe was already the editor-in-chief of the Southern Literary Messenger. According to Kay Cornelius, “His insightful reviews made Edgar Allan Poe America’s first great

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