Argumentative Essay On Edgar Allan Poe's Death

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Edgar Allan Poe was an accomplished author is still adored in the twenty-first century. His tales reflect on his lifestyle and childhood. The mystic and caliginosity death of the beloved author has multiple minds wondering how Poe had died; many theories state that he died of alcohol and others believe it was rabies. There are so many beliefs as to how Poe passed because there is little evidence as to how he died.. Based on the information given, Edgar Allan Poe died from rabies. In the 1800s, there was no cure for this disease and caused many people to die from it. The cure for Rabies wasn’t found until the 1900s. In the article “Poe’s Death Is Rewritten as Case of Rabies, Not Telltale Alcohol” published in the New York Times in 1996, Dr. R. Michael Benitez, a cardiologist who published a study about the disease has the background knowledge and evidence to prove that Poe’s death was caused…show more content…
Rabies victims… fear water because it it painful…” This is a strong piece of evidence because most victims of the disease often refuse water or have trouble drinking it. If Poe was found with alcohol, then he would have taken it. The article also continues to add (in paragraph 9) that, “ Poe ‘ had all the features of encephalitic rabies’ said Dr. Henry Wilde, who frequently treats rabies…” This is another piece of evidence proving rabies because a doctor who specializes in the art has seen many cases with the same symptoms of the disease in many others. A doctor would have much more experience with this disease than others who could have came up with a theory from research. Even though the doctors who treated Poe in 1849 may have attributed his death, there was some lack of technology or knowledge of the disease in that period of time to fully claim that it was alcohol. There was more evidence proving that Poe died from rabies rather than

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