Anubis Kunefer Analysis

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Some elements are value, lines, shapes, and texture. Value in this drawing is 2D. The lines applied in this painting are horizontal line, vertical line and curve line. Horizontal line is seen on the floor tile. Curve lines are seen on the body and head of the characters. Besides that, the painting is made up of organic shapes and geometric shapes like rectangle, square and round shapes. The texture of the painting is rough. Anubis shown supervising the judgement scales. Hunefer's heart, represented as a pot, is being weighed against a feather, the symbol of Maat, the established order of things, in this context meaning 'what is right'. there are two women. There is a bird-like object on the top of King Osiris and it is a falcon with a huge eye holding a feather in its claws. In front of King Osiris is a…show more content…
This papyrus scroll is created by using painting technique, by applying colors of black, olive green, white and yellow ochre. drawing technique used to draw out the characters and shapes, and writing of hieroglyphs on the wall in the painting. Principles of design in this painting are scale. Repetition creates rhythm that is lines and hieroglyphs that are long and short on the middle- bottom wall create flowing rhythm like a staircase. Colors used on the top-left part of the drawing are olive green, white and yellow ochre makes the subjects pop out more. In addition, the bold and thin rectangle also creates rhythm. The artist's intention of painting this is to be passed down generation by generation so that their future generation knows more about the afterlife process and judgement. The audience who appreciates the artwork is artists, museums, Egyptians, archaeologists, national art gallery, future generation, art students, and tourists. People who commissioned this artwork would be the government, artists, businessman/women and people who have interest in this

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