The Influence Of Federal Aid On Welfare

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Is federal aid/welfare being distributed correctly? The topic of federal aid and welfare distribution is bottomless. To fully understand how the system works, one should begin with the basics of welfare. The federal government hosts a myriad of programs whose goal is to assist those of low-income. The most well-known and used American subsidy program is Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). However, the idea that programs would provide only temporary assistance is relatively new. The first federal welfare program was President Roosevelt’s 1935 Aid to Dependent Children (ADC), with the goal of providing an income supplement to widows and families whose fathers may be deceased or unemployed for physical reasons. By 1956, over…show more content…
For example, families who are currently in the program must find a job within two years of receiving welfare. This is to ensure that recipients are not depending on the assistance, rather using it as a springboard to getting their feet back on the ground. There is also a large type range of welfare. There are food stamps, Medicaid, social security, worker's compensation, child care, unemployment, cash aid, and housing assistance. Applicants can receive from any of these sub programs depending on their circumstances. In order to receive federal aid, one may make an appointment with a caseworker from the Human Services Department and submit their proof of income, residency, and ID. The caseworker will review the documents for eligibility and the information will be placed into the distribution system to decide how best to aid. (Welfare…show more content…
This category includes social security, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation. These programs specifically deal with the elderly, veterans, and the disabled. Social security is an example of what is called a “universal program”, which means American citizens are entitled to participate in the program as a social right, even if it is not a financial need. A person may receive by contributing payroll taxes during their working years. Those who contribute payroll taxes for a minimum of ten years are covered under the program forever. The disability insurance helps adults between the ages of 18 and 64 who are unable to obtain substantial employment. When they turn 65 years of age, “disability benefits” become “old-age” benefits. To receive disability benefits, they must show medical proof of a disability as well as proof that they cannot be employed successfully. Survivors insurance covers children under 18 years of age, dependent parents, and widowers or widows when the insured worker dies. Unemployment insurance is another insurance program that is strictly temporary. Those who receive from this entity have a maximum of twenty-six weeks in the program. Workers’ compensation provides cash, medical care, and rehabilitation for those who suffer from work-related injuries. This program is the oldest social insurance program and, according to statistics, reaches about 87%

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