Ethnographic Reflection

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The first photo in this collection of portraits is my brother running through a park. I wanted to capture a moment of movement, but I also wanted to convey the idea of youth, energy, and playfulness. With my brother’s out of the ordinary pose, you can see his playful energy, and the fact that he is in a park also helps with the effect. The brighter light also makes this picture have a happier feel, normally because we associate brightness with happiness. One thing I like about the way I took this photo is the way it is composed. Because he [my brother] is not centrally focused, it shifts the balance of the picture and makes for a unique shot. The shifting balance also makes for a more interesting image. One thing I would change about the picture,…show more content…
Most of the editing process was centred around trying to put him into focus by sharpening him and blurring the background. I used the burn tool to fix the areas that were too bright and accentuate some of the folds in the fabric of his clothing and add some contour. The burn also helped to bring him into focus because it contrasts with the brighter background. I used dodge in the paces I wanted to highlight, putting emphasis on where the natural light would hit. I also used it on the blue climbing structure in the background to add more contrast to the burn I used on my…show more content…
I also used sharpen to put focus on the doll’s face and gradually faded the effect on the dress. I blurred certain areas to emphasize the effect of the sharpen; putting most of the blur at the bottom of the dress and then gradually making the effect face away until there was no blur on the face. I also burnt areas of the image to emphasize shadows and contours, and dodged areas to emphasize the highlights and areas where the light was already hitting. The final picture is a portrait of my grandmother. I liked the way the light was hitting her face as she was sitting in her room so I decided to take a picture of it. This picture mainly captures the concept of line as there are lines from the lights, the shadows, and even the chair that she is sitting on that lead up to her. Also, there is a shadow that perfectly splits her face in half, which I found to have a unique

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