Ethnic Politics In Nigeria

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The student of politics experiences considerable difficulty in grasping fully the problems of ethnic politics especially in most multi-ethnic nations unless and until their peculiarities are recognized. Like the Nigerian case, the framework to which many have advocated for, is an overhaul of the national politics. This is true given the level of fragility the Nigeria state depicts. Nigeria’s political history is such that characterizes troubling contradictions in terms of the tendency of sustaining its political structure and holding the various ethnic groups that made up the country without major case of instability. Ethnic politics in Nigeria as an ideology is best explained and understood by the application of Hegel’s dialectics. Thus,…show more content…
This moment in history appears to mark ethnic politics as a force that resulted to the contradictions of political instability in Nigeria thereby making ethnic politics a formidable barrier to the stability of…show more content…
The contradiction of political instability could be exclusively attributed to the way and manner the Nigeria state is structured along the colonial doctrine of exclusiveness, subjugation, alienation and humiliation that has continued to create tension and make ethnic competition inevitable as each group wants equal treatment. It has made the quest to grab and hold on to political power in order to accumulate wealth a yearstic for ethnic alignment and identification. The colonial state of Nigeria does not only use military force, police force, and bureaucratic measures but legislative processes in promoting ethnicity. By describing Nigeria politics in ethnic terms usually connotes an ideological character that has its root in the nature and purpose to which colonialism presents. Ethnic problems as an element of the ideological superstructure of Nigeria are gaining more attention. It rather created divisions among the emerging leaders of the country at that time such that Eyo Ita in 1945 had to submit that ‘the greatest need of Nigerians today is to become a community to evolve a national self-hood’ (Nnoli, O.

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