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“Dreams don’t come true, they are true,” states Greg Levoy, but not in the case of the American Dream. The American dream is the idea that every U.S citizen should have equal opportunity to achieve success with hard work and determination. If that’s true then why are the rich treated differently than the poor? Why are people of color discriminated if they are a U.S. citizen just like us? The american dream is just that, a dream, because homeless people are treated like they are of lesser value because they don’t have homes or a job, people of different skin are discriminated and even U.S. vets are treated differently. There is 553,742 homeless people in America. The homeless population has been increasing this past year with lack of jobs and housing being too expensive. “Vacancy rates in these cities are low, and construction of new homes is lagging. The state of California estimates that 180,000 new housing units are needed each year in order to keep up with population growth.” States Alastair Gee in…show more content…
Not all of those people come home and the ones that do usually don’t have a job to return to. People who serve can end up homeless and on the street because they don’t have anyone they can go to. There is also the disabled veterans who were injured while in active duty, so they can’t work anymore. There are 20.4 million us vets and 39,471 of them are homeless, 3.8 million of them are disabled and many of them suffer from PTSD. When U.S. war vets return home from serving you would think that they would be able to live the American dream seeing that they were the one fighting for us, but not in all cases. When you see a homeless vet on the side of the road do you stop and give them money or do you just keep on walking, thinking “why don’t you just go get a job?” They would be able to if they weren’t suffering from PTSD or if they weren’t denied a job because they didn’t have a stable

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