Organized Crime In Chicago In The 1990s

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Ruben Badibanga Ciowela Urban Dynamics 11/10/14 Organized Crime in Chicago in the 1990s Chicago has been known as the United States’ capital of crime because of street gangs. But only a few knows that street gangs are not the only one responsible for the high crime rate, in fact, there are more powerful individuals involved in crime in Chicago. Those individuals organize themselves in an orderly fashion known as a criminal organization. After researching on the issue, I have come to the conclusion that criminal organizations exist because public officials are corrupt. To prove so, I am going to provide an overview on criminal organizations, then I am going to give more details on their activities, and finally, I am going to give an insight…show more content…
Though being run by a specific ethnic groups, criminal organizations have a broad range of victims. Everyone, from the new immigrant to the resident of the northern suburbs of Chicago, is a potential victim (Lindberg, 1998). But gangs employed by criminal organization usually have a specific likeliness of victims. For example, Asian gangs would typically target people of their own kind, but their actions would also affect non-Asians people (Davidson, 1996). The more gangs criminal organizations work with, the more there are victims. Now, I am going to give details on certain activities conducted by criminal…show more content…
To do so, a criminal organization needs to get at least a politician on its side, and one way to get people on your side is by doing something for them (Ruth,1967). For example, if an avid politician needs money to fuel his campaign, a criminal organization may offer the money needed; and later on, the politician would be willing to work with the criminal organization that offered the money. There is not much known concerning the Outfit’s narcotic operation, but it is known that the Outfit has been importing narcotic (Lindberg, 1998). In fact, the Outfit has been sending his “made” members throughout the world to help with the import of narcotics. Street gangs are keeping the prosecution away from narcotics prosecution by being the “main” crime problem. The Outfit used to supply pornography until the business became legal and the internet facilitated its distribution. But the criminal organization tried to keep its hand on the business by using intimidation and violence (Lindberg, 1998). Auto-theft in Chicago, as in other major U.S. cities, is occurring in epidemic proportions (Lindberg, 1998). The outfit like any other criminal organizations has been involved in auto-theft but it is not known at which

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