ETHC445: Principles Of Ethical Dilemmas

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An Ethical Dilemma Hyacinth Brown-Supan Chamberlain College of Nursing ETHC445-Principles of Ethics Prof. George Mentz October 31, 2014 An Ethical Dilemma Ethical dilemmas are often driven by situations that challenge one’s ability to determine the right thing to do, carrying out effective ethical actions, and lay out strategies to avoid future dilemmas. Ethical dilemma is common in all phases of life, and individuals have to find different ways to reach a decision the best way possible. The decision is normally based on the views and values an individual possesses. The ethical dilemma I chose is that of the married couple that was addicted to drugs which render them unfit to care for their infant daughter, resulting…show more content…
This theory was chosen for this particular dilemma because the child’s biological parents and the courts did what was best for the child. The child was temporary placed in the custody of those who could care for her while her biological parents’ seek treatment. At that moment, the action of foster care produced the greatest good. However, ethically and legally the biological parents are in the right and should be able to have their child return to them after finishing rehab. The child was taken into foster care, not adopted, meaning that the child does not legally belong to the foster care parents and can be reunited with their biological parents. The reunion of the child and her parents now provide the greatest good and is the most moral act. A biological family is given a second chance at happiness and the foster family can receive another child in need of a good home and good…show more content…
End-based ethics are a personal set of principles that conduct right or wrong and emphasize the greatest good that result in a moral act. Whereas, rule-based ethics are obligations for justice and give priority to duty. The similarities in this dilemma for end-based and rule-based are that both are act-oriented approaches. I believe that both that both theories are worthy of use in real life dilemmas because our actions produces consequences and results. The action of using drugs and not being able to care for a child results in the child being taken away but the action of rehabilitation can result in the reunion of a family or a lesson learned about the importance of

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