Ethical Dilemma In Nursing

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Ethical Dilemma’s With technology having a presence in everything we do now-a-days, will it have on health care professionals? While being on unit over the last eight weeks I have noticed a large presence of personal phones among the nurse’s and the aids. I was completely taken back by that fact that this large issue has not yet been addressed on this campus. The first time I witness this situation was with one of the CNA’s where I was concerned, but not as concerned as when I noticed the lead nurse on the unit using her phone personally. In 2013 the ECRI Institute has listed “caregiver distractions from smartphones and other mobile devices” being among the top 10 health technology hazards for 2013 (Mobile). In this article it talks about…show more content…
“The use of personal mobile phones or other personal communication device while working (excluding meal times and breaks) was reported by 78.1% of respondents. Nurses reported regularly sending personal emails and text messages 38.6% of the time” The reasons behind nurses reporting that they used their phone during work was for sending personal emails and texts to family and friends. (McBride). While McBride focused her research on the personal use of mobile phones a study done by Flynn, Greir Ander Huck MSN, RN, PCCN shows the nurse’s perspective. “More that 75% of participants indicated that they agree that smartphones would improve the access to information, be easy to use, improve communication, and improve efficiency.” (Flynn). Other nurses though stated that they did not know whether or not the use of smartphones would upset patients or families and around 30% of participants indicated that they agreed that smartphones would distract…show more content…
While the intent of the nurses at Cedar Community might have been to look up information I have observed them using them in other ways. The main nurse who is responsible for passing medications to thirty plus residents was taking personal calls and texts while passing her medications. This created an added distraction on top of the other multitude of distractions that surround her, such as healthcare staff, patients, visitors, medical devices, and phones. While she completed the medication pass, we all are unaware mistakes that might have happened. The ANA standards are not being meet to the standard that they should be during this distracted period. this is While the aids often carry around their phones too I noticed that some of them would go behind the nurse’s desk to email, text or call someone. While I did not see any negative effects of them using their phones, we will never know when that one text or call will distract us enough to be hazardous to

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