Samsung Pricing Strategy Essay

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It is to be noted down in this regard that redesigned pricing strategy is bound to have effect on the mobile phone market of Samsung model in china. Redesigned strategy in case of pricing is essential for the company is facing problems majorly due to the high price issue. In terms of following a redesigned marketing mix and introducing a new approach in the pricing strategy, Samsung can regain its position in the market of China. The company has supposedly seen an increased competition in the Chinese markets and that concerning factor of increase has inevitably led to higher inventories for the medium- as well as low-end smartphones as far as the Samsung Company is concerned. In summed words, comparatively cheaper rival devices, specifically in China, have managed to cause a large amount of Samsung devices to go unsold and this has direct connection with the company revenue as well as internal management system. In addition to this matter, Chinese consumers are said to be snubbing Samsung's 3G devices predominantly because they have reported to wait for more 4G network rollouts in the nation, across all possible corners (Fukuda, 2010).…show more content…
High levels of competition in terms of price range and quality service in far affordable price are causing havoc in the business performance of Samsung. Recent reports have come up with the details that, while Samsung is still considered the top dog in China, Xiaomi has apparently outsold it for the second time in April. The tension is rising due to the fact that Xiaomi is not the only one that is currently attacking the business market with experience-focused low-cost models and the number of competitors is increasing terribly (Giachetti and Marchi,

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