Alone Together By Sherry Turrkle

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The Controversy of Artificial Production Throughout society, artificial production is sky-rocketing with the use of intricate, high tech resources. With artificial manufacturing, there has been numerous advanced developments that are enhancing the quality of life of mankind. These remarkable creations include Amazon Prime Air delivery service, mind-reading cameras, pens that can create 3-d drawings, and more astonishing secrets. However, as these innovative developments are rapidly making a difference, it still unleashes a major controversial issue that is immensely debated within society. This subject has provoked many individuals to express their opinion on the matter. In Sherry Turkle’s essay, “Alone Together,” and Lisa Belkin’s essay,…show more content…
In “Alone Together,” Turkle explores how artificial intelligence engages within humanity. Turkle’s essay utilizes a broad range of arguments and suggests how the concept of “made-to-order” robots are engineered to carry out a series of actions for a specific cause. While, in “The Made-to-Order Savior,” Belkin explores the significance that artificial production serves within the general public. Belkin’s essay utilizes profound terms and techniques to demonstrate how the concept of “made-to-order” genetically engineered children are created in order to save the lives of terminally ill children. Even though the concept of “made-to-order” may improve the standard of health, comfort, and happiness among humanity, it still reveals a possible threat to society because artificial intelligence will make humans have a profound reliance on it,…show more content…
They use machines to provide comfort and contentment throughout their daily lives. This is harmful to society because if humans continue to have a profound reliance and attachment towards artificial intelligence it will be crucially detrimental to mankind since they will incessantly use machines to solve major problems. They will never use their own intellect to resolve any complications they face. Artificial intelligence should not be heavily relied upon since machines or soft wares are most likely to make an error among a certain task that humans command them to do. One miscalculation from the cause of artificial intelligence can be dangerous to an entire civilization. Moreover, in the essay, “The Made-to-Order Savior,” Belkin expresses her view on human reliance on artificial intelligence. She elaborates how the Nashes desperately needed the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to save their ill child. They constantly “sent frantic e-mail messages to Hughes, telling him what he already knew—that Molly’s count were dropping and that they were running out of time. In August 1998, when Molly’s platelet count had fallen to 30,000” (Belkin’s 11). This demonstrates Belkin’s view on human reliance on artificial intelligence because she reveals to readers how humans have a significant dependence on this intelligence since it will serve as a beneficial aspect to save ill children. Most artificial developments need to

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