Comparing Frankenstein 'And Blade Runner'

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Frankenstein by mary shelly and blade runner directed by rideley scott explores the idea of what it means to be human through the central values of social injustice and metaphysical references both exts encapsulate the central message that in a hubric attempt to transcend human capabilities will result in the downfall of humanity Written during the industrial revolution Frankenstein can be interpreted as a warning or foreshadowing of the results of technology without ethics and brings up the many social and ethical concerns. “accursed creator why do you create a monster so hideous that even you turn away in disgust!?” the monsters use of rhetorical questions serve as a medium in which answers the ethical concerns posed through mary shelley’s time. It also acts as a personification of innocence in the face of corruption. The social injustice is further shown by the quote “am I too just a criminal? When all of humanity has sinned against me” where the monster realizes that because of his ugly appearance and no regard for intelligence his actions are misinterpreted, making it seem as though to be human you must look human.…show more content…
Scott blurs the boundaries between humans and replicants by creating complex characters who look exactly like humans. He distorsts what it means to be ‘real’ and ‘artificial’ through a variety of quotes and techniques such as pris’s quote “I think sebastian, therefore I am” which suggests that she is a free thinking being and should be treated as such. This is further emphasized in the scene, The pursuit of Zhora; where Deckard, the protagonist is hunting Zhora but has difficulty doing so as she looks so similar to humans, this scene is highly representative of the miscarriage of social injustice, with it’s fast paced non-diagetic music allowing the audience to experience what the character feels in this

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