Ethical Issue Analysis Paper

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This final section helps to consider different issues raised in the practice of research and which I need to be wary of and consider as a researcher. It also provides insight into how to choose strategies which helps to deal with such issues. This section delivers general outline of some characteristics of ethical research practices and approaches and policies for dealing with these ethical issues. Ethical issues may be overlooked on some times in social research since they may not habitually be as evident as they would be in areas such as scientific or medical research. But being responsive or aware of the issues will not only support the researcher to make sure they prepare well, but it can help to avoid complications or challenges that might otherwise rise. As mentioned in this section, developing a level of reflexivity within the research will provide a good basis from which to consider ethical issues that might arise. My research on the topic “A study of employee motivation and performance during Mergers and acquisitions” will definitely raise different ethical…show more content…
The privacy and anonymity of the research participant and of the researcher is very significant. Participants may not be comfortable and open, if they don’t have confidentiality. To overcome this issue, I will make sure that information or evidence provided by the participant is kept private. Participants will be more secure and be truthful when they understand that they would not be identified. Keeping the questionnaire or surveys confidential will reduce the possibility of any emotional harm, or awkwardness in participant’s place of work. Participants should not come to harm by their participation in research. This involves ensuring that the responses and opinions of respondents do not tie back to them and cause them unnecessary problems at their place of

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