Role Of Leadership In Knowledge Management

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This paper is a critique about the research paper published on the issues of leadership in software firms. The title “ROLE OF LEADERSHIP IN KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT” and a small quote from the research paper “The productivity of an organization depends to a larger extent upon management of valid knowledge through suitable styles of management. ’’ made me interesting towards the critical evaluation on the paper. It focuses on the methodologies, outcomes comparing it with the aim of the research. INTRODUCTION: Leadership is considered as an essential factor for any business. At the same time, knowledge management is also important for any business organisation as it comprises of strategies and policies related to that particular organisation that…show more content…
(1997) quoted as “Knowledge Management is to discover, develop, utilize, deliver, and absorb knowledge inside and outside the organization through an appropriate management process to meet current and future needs.” Adopted from RESEARCH AIM: The main aim of the research is to forecast the role of the leadership in knowledge management in software firms. But in this research the author have used a single software firm in India to carry out his research. RESEARCH QUESTION: The research question deals with the elevation of the role of an effective leader in implementing the knowledge management. The Research question is “What is the impact of leadership on knowledge management practices in a software firm in India?” To improve the success rate of the firms by finding different effective leadership styles which will be helpful in implementing the knowledge management, the author has raised this question. RESEARCH TYPE: The Research type is an observation from a survey conducted by 331 experienced knowledge workers working in a software firm in India. The research approach carried out here is a quantitative…show more content…
As a part of my research, I want to dig out the critical factors of an effective knowledge management in a firm. So my research question is “What are the critical factors that can drive a firm towards success with an effective knowledge management?”. My research may help the start up companies to get a rough idea of what they need to taste success with an effective knowledge management as a launching pad. SAMPLING AND METHODOLOGY: To answer my research question will be to be answered only by using proper methodology. Generally there are two types of research approaches inductive and deductive. Inductive approach is generally started with collecting data and then the data is analysed and finally one comes to a conclusion. It is just like a hill climbing approach. The deductive approach is waterfall approach in which theory is collected first, observations are made and an analysis is generated with respect to the observations made. In my research I will be using inductive approach because the data can be collected from different organisations and an analysis can be generated through this

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