Comparing Kant On Suicide And Szasz's Theory Of Suicide

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Szasz talks about the three fundamentally different concepts of suicide in his theory: successful; intended to die and succeeds, unsuccessful; try to attempt suicide, but failed, and the “psychiatrist/therapist and patient”. Ilza Vieth states that, “suicide is a mental illness while Bernard R. Shochet says that, “suicide is a depression.” (154). Schein and Stone talks about the relationship between a therapist and a patient; the patient talks about his/her suicidal thoughts and tells the therapist to keep a secret, but the therapist denies the patient’s human freedom. Along with, Schulman says that a person wants to kill themselves, but a psychiatrist takes it as a mental illness and force the patient to start treatment; to be hospitalized,…show more content…
Freedom is the principle of the highest order of life, and it has to be in harmony with itself; the essentials ends of mankind (162). People should respect their freedom and not throw it away. A man should not visualize themselves as an object, but as a person of free will. A person should not let others use them as a means because they would become meaningless to others and themselves (162). Suicide violates the universal law of Kant’s categorical imperative because the act of it is incorrect. I believe Kant’s has a correct view of suicide, that suicide is a wrong duty to do and people should value their…show more content…
Suicide does not violate the law; must be a duty to God, ourselves and others. God created the universe with general laws simply did not make suicide a law, so suicide is not a crime. Also, God cannot take a person’s right away from disposing of their life if one wants to. To others, Hume says that a person can commit suicide as long as it does not harm others in the society. A duty to oneself, when one feels that their existence is a burden, and then they can retire from life, but cannot throw away a life that is worthwhile (in canvas). Hume says that a human life depends on general laws of matter and motion; have a full authority (164). I do not believe that Hume has a correct view on suicide because when people commit suicide, they are hurting and causing harm to others in the

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