To What Extent Did The Civil War Change America

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How did the Civil war change America? Well it brought the nation together because it made the national government superior to the state governments. This was definitely left unanswered by the Constitution, because nobody really knew who had more of ultimate power. Was it the states or the national government? The Civil War also paved the way for us to become a big industrialized nation. The Industries needed a strong national government to protect them, they had to open up new trading opportunities outside the nation and provide transportation and communication network required by business. After the Civil War, the United States quickly became the primary economic power in the whole world. Lastly, the Civil War certainly started the big journey…show more content…
One phase was the Presidential Reconstruction that happened in 1865- 1867. The Presidential phase was one of the main approaches of Andrew Johnson to Reconstruction. Johnson wanted to eliminate only the most powerful Confederates from all of politics, he was thinking that ordinary Southerners would control the postwar South. But instead it turned out to be not the case and former Confederates were returned to a political leadership. Johnson was opposing all political rights for former slaves and he even vetoed a legislation, proposing to expand the mandate of the Freedmen's Bureau. Lastly he opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Another major phase that was important to Reconstruction was the Congressional or Radical Reconstruction that happened in 1867- 1877. The Congressional Reconstruction began when the Republicans were taken into Congress in the elections of 1866. This was led by a group known as Radicals, they were going to establish legal, political, and social rights for all blacks in the South. To ensure the programs were actually implemented, they had to divide the South into military districts which then were occupied by federal soldiers, with the Reconstruction Act of

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