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Christopher Anthony John Martin born on March Second 1977 in Exeter, Devon, England. Chris Martin was the oldest of five children from an account father Anthony Martin and a music teacher Aliston Martin. Chris martin was raised in a middle class family with the love of music. His first band began as he attended the predatory Exeter Cathedral School. Later Chris Martin graduated from University College in London with a degree in Ancient World Studies. Chris martin is an entertainer and love being part of the music. He was able to play a melody and find the lyrics for it. In the University Martin met the guitarist Jonny Buckland together they created the band Coldplay with two other member Will Champion and Guy Berryman. The name wasn’t Coldplay at first, the band was named Pectoralz and then starfish. Then they came across another band who no longer wanted the name Coldplay and gave it to them. Chris Martin is the leading singer of the band and writes most of the songs for Coldplay. Not only can Chris sing he can play the Piano, the rhythm guitar, and the harmonica. As a band they debut their first album Parachutes which was released in 2000. This Album became one of the top hits in Britain. It went internationally and they performed it very well. This albums allowed them to win a Grammy Award for the best Alternative Music Album. Chris…show more content…
However Chris Martin was majorly influenced by the Scottish rock band ‘Travis’. He drew a lot of inspiration from the band and create his own band Coldplay. However Chris Martin was mainly inspired by the band A-ha. An article at ContactMusic by Wenn, Marth expresses his love for the band A-ha. He tells the interviewer how much he loved them. Chris Martin mentions that A-ha was his inspirations. In other words Chris Martin was influenced by a lot of artists with the same genre as him. He plays a lot of alternative and pop rock

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