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Drake Bell is a 29 years old quite popular American actor, musician and songwriter. Although his full name is Jared Derek Bell, he is known just as Drake Bell in the artistic environment. He was born 27 June 1986 in Santa Ana, a city in the Orange County, in southern California, United States. Drake is the fifth song of Joe Bell (his mother) and Robin Dodson. Particularly his father is a well known professional billiards player native from California. Furtermore, Drake has one older sister (Kellie) and three older brothers (Joe, Robert and Travis). Professional career Drake’s professional career began in 1991 when he was 5 years old, by taking part in a Whirlpool Appliances’ TV commercial. He continued performing in TV comercials until 1994,…show more content…
He played the role of Scott in the 25th season of the famous TV series ABC After School Special and Charlie Atwood in the 2nd season of the situation commedy Men Behaving Badly. Additionally, he played the role of Jesse Remo in the Oscars’ and Golden Globe’s awarded film Jerry Maguire. Drake Bell was lucky enough to share roles with such renowned Hollywood stars like the three Golden Globe Awards Tom Cruise (Top Gun, 1986; The Color of Money, 1986; Rain Man, 1988); the Oscar’s Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. (Boyz n the Hood, 1991; Outbreak, 1995; As Good as It Gets, 1997), and the Oscar’s Award winner Renée Zellweger (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, 1994; Nurse Betty, 2000; Bridget Jones` Diary,…show more content…
Drake & Josh is an American sitcom, following and based on the previously popular The Amanda Show. The series focuses on two stepbrothers Drake and Josh who are quite different teenagers. While Josh faces troubles with popularity and dating girls, Drake is very popular among girls and plays music. They live together with Drake’s mother, Josh’s father, and Josh’s manipulative younger sister Megan. As usual teenagers, both, Drake and Josh are continuosly involved in funny situations, not only between them, but also linked to popularity and dating at school. Nevertheless, over time they become closer and help each other. Besides Drake Bell and Josh Peck, the series starred Jonathan Goldstein (a TV actor known by his performances in Grey’s Anatomy, 2010; Criminal Minds, 2010; Workaholics, 2012); the already mentioned Nancy Sullivan and Miranda Cosgrove (School of Rock, 2003; Keeping Up with the Steins; Merry Christmas Drake & Josh, 2008). Bell won a total of ten Blimp Awards (Kids Choice Award) for his role in this series. Furtermore, in 2008 he also won a Teen Choice Awards for the Best Newcomer in a movie due to his performance in the film Superhero

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