Amy Tan And Rain Short Story

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Amy Tan and Rain Who are immigrants? An immigrant is a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. Amy Tan and Rain are both immigrants, each of their stories were told by different authors. Amy Tan’s story was told by Amy Tan find in Inside out and Outside in book by Victoria Holder et, Al. And Rain’ story was told by Lauren Hilgers in The New Yorker. They came from the same country China, at a different time and different age. Amy Tan came to the United States at the age of nine, for better opportunities. Rain left his family and came to the United State in 2009 at the age of nineteen because of religious persecution. They both came to the United States for improved living conditions. Firstly, Amy came to the United…show more content…
Rain came to the U.S illegally and Amy came legally. Amy came with legal paper and Rain with fake paper. After Amy came to the U.S her mom wanted her to try many things as playing piano. “My mother had traded house cleaning services for weekly lessons and a piano practice” said Amy. Her mom was working as a house cleaner so she even exchange her services for Amy piano’ practice because she wanted her to learn fast and be good at it, thinking that maybe in the future she could be famous, but Amy never wanted what her mom wanted for her even though at first she obeyed but arrived at a time where she stood up her mother. A Where as Rain, “He had left his family, walked through a desert, and gone tens of thousands of dollars into debt to reach the United states.” said Lauren Hilgers. Rain did not just take a plane from China to the U.S, he had passed many ways before he got to the U.S with a fake passport. He had help from a person called snakehead who he owns the debt. Arrived in the U.S Rain did not have nowhere to go, even though he had a cousin in the country who took him in for only a week. So he had to figure out things on his own that’s when he started working in a restaurant trying to make money not only to pay his debt but also to send money to his family back home. I believe both have had their struggles, but I feel like Rain struggled the most because Amy had her parents who was pushing her to do things even though she did not like it but at least she had them. While Rain was on his own and had a debt to pay but did not have anybody to support

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