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The Parthians ruled Iran for about 400 years from about 247 B.C.E to 224 C.E (McNeill and McNeill 84). In order for them to have maintained that control over such a long period of time, it was necessary for them to have excelled in many parts of their society. For Parthians, agriculture (culture), military (politics), and trade (economy) were the three main pieces that had huge impact in their civilization. This essay will particularly focus on agriculture and trade, and explore how both elements played a key role in Parthian civilization, and also to shed light on how it had an overall impact politically, economically, and culturally for them. The Human Web by McNeil and McNeil will be used as a main source and additionally, other academic books and journal will be used as a supplement. Firstly, agriculture had a massive impact in Parthian military. Parthians had to come up with an effective way to repel invaders. Mainly, this was possible…show more content…
As Mostafa Fateh explains, as Parthians started to trade, “marked improvements were noticeable in the economic conditions of the people” (Fateh 729). “The increased political importance of Parthia during the reign of Mithridates II was due in large part to wealth accruing to her treasuries from the development of overland trade” (Debevoise 42). From a cultural standpoint, success in trade expanded the connections for the Parthians, as it led to more communications among other civilizations. For example, connections with China deepened; “the first Chinese embassy journeyed to the Parthian capital. The members of the mission, sent by Wu-Ti by the Han Dynasty, were received with great honor, and when they returned they were accompanied by a Parthian delegation which took with it ostrich eggs and conjurers” (42). Trade is an integral part to any civilization, as it is one of the most frequent and most convenient way of communicating with other

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