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Information is easily attainable by today’s standards, with the ability to instantly know what is going on in the world through a smartphone without having to even leave your bed, the technological advance is something our ancestors would have never imagined in their lifetimes. Information is taken for granted today with the same ease we have to retrieve it, we can easily ignore it, so it is important to reflect on how information was spread in the past. Think about the most standard way to retrieve information that everyone has done at least once in their lifetime. Going to the library is a right of passage for anyone doing a research paper, whether it is their first research paper in first grade about dogs or their college thesis that eventually gets them into grad school, so that reliable information can be extracted from books for use in analysis and backing up claims. Books come in many forms today, such as Audiobooks, ebooks, etc. but the modern bounded book known today was not always around. The standardization of the design of books comes from the invention of the codex, which, “was constructed from folded…show more content…
Book clubs, social groups that gather once a month or so to discuss a book everyone has read, would not exist without the codex format. The portability of the codex contributes to this, but also the physical look of the book. When discussing books, what is usually discussed first is the length of the book (Lang). The quantitative aspect of the pages gives readers a time frame for how fast they can read the book and a guesstimate on how well the book is going to end depending on what page they are on and how many pages they have left (Lang). The physical attributes of the codex are what has made reading a very social event, having a material object that can be easily discussed, shared, and be meditated on makes reading a part of the human

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