The Importance Of Writing Style

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When you read the pieces written by different writers, they usually differ, and it’s not just because of the information revealed, but rather because of the style used. Sometimes you want to take someone’s style as an example, while you hate someone else’s. You can write about the topic that has been described thousands of times before, but if you have your unique style, you still manage to stand out and say it differently. If you have your favorite author or blogger, it’s hard not to notice their unique sounding. Their peculiar length and rhythm of sentences, shortenings, the choice of vocabulary, casual or formal sounding – it all can determine one’s writing style. This is the reason why some texts sound boring, while some are in a way rude or casual. Everyone has style. Even non-writers have the potential to pick words together is their peculiar way. It’s about reflecting your personality and showing your attitude to things. While it’s widely claimed that the writing style is not something to create, there are still a few factors that can influence and enhance it. 1) Concentrate on solid writing instead of style…show more content…
And it’s not because of their style – it’s rather because of their poor knowledge of effective writing techniques and little experience. By striving to be well-descriptive in your writing, knowing which information matters and which doesn’t, you simultaneously enhance your writing style, drive the major attention to one thing while adding only few details about other things. In this case, your unique writing style is about distributing reader’s attention between things of different significance. The reader thus sees how much you care about certain aspects and how little about the

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