The Importance Of Technology In Ender's Game

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For the longest time, technology has aided humans with both simple everyday tasks and complex tasks, but it will not take much longer before it’s power becomes misused. In the novel Ender’s Game written by Orson Scott Card, the community must reduce the amount of technology used because it negatively impacts the society by allowing individuals to obtain too much power, threatening citizen’s privacy, and corrupting the minds of children. First of all, people can gain too much power from technology. An example of this scenario is Valentine Wiggin. When she was writing articles online under the name “Demosthenes” Valentine reflects: “The fun letters, from national bank and international leaders sometimes hostile, sometimes friendly alway…show more content…
In one case, all elementary school students have a monitor implanted in their skin, letting the Fleet know everything they are experiencing. While Colonel Graff observes Ender, he says: “ ‘I’ve watched through his eyes, listened through his ears, and I tell you he’s the one ’ ” (Card 31). The mind is where people can privately think what they want without anyone knowing; everyone should have the right of keeping their thoughts to just themselves but as a result of newer technology allowing people to go into other people’s minds, that privacy has been lost. In addition, while Ender is in battleschool, his letter from his sister has first been read by Colonel Graff. Ender is reading the letter Valentine had sent him when he notes: “ And yet they came pretty thick, as though someone wanted to make sure that Ender believed that the letter was genuine. Why should they be so eager if it is the real thing?” (Card 187). A letter is a way to talk to someone a far away distance; only the person who is sent the letter should be reading it because it is a solitary conversation between two people but if other people are able to get into others conversations and even edit them, then letters are not safe to hold a very private conversation. Ultimately, every citizen should have the freedom to think privately and hold conversations with people they trust without others knowing but due to technology, one’s privacy can be

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