Analysis Of Carol Dweck's Theory

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Fani Ahmed English 99 March 2, 2017 When we believe that we can do and be better according to the effort we put in, we are embracing a growth based mindset. Conversely when we believe that we're just not good enough or capable enough to learn achieve or do something challenging we set ourselves up to fail. Carol Dweck was born October 17, 1946 she’s professor of psychology at Stanford University. Dweck is known for her work on the mindset psychological trait. Everyone wants a child that does well in school, teaching your child to have the right mindset for success is critical to helping your child succeed. I agree with Dweck’s theory because it's about education and I believe in this world education matters and everyone has the right to get…show more content…
Carol Dweck article talks about telling the difference between two mindsets of achievements or failures. How parental praise effects developing minds and Dweck and her colleagues’ research have found a very simple belief about us that guides and permeates nearly every part of our lives. This belief limits our potential or enables our success. It often marks the difference between excellence and mediocrity. It influences our self-awareness, our self-esteem, our creativity, our ability to face challenges, our resilience to setbacks, our levels of depression, and…show more content…
I was honestly in pain because I didn't want to make new friends because that was my home a place where I had my childhood and I was not ready to move on like it was nothing when it was everything to me. I honestly had a growth mindset in that moment because I thought about coming to America and having a free education and working hard for something I really want so I could honestly make my family proud of me and I could one day go back home and help my people back home and show them I'm no different from them and I would always be the same person who came from nothing to something only because I worked hard for what my heart

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