Choosing Five People In My Life

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Choosing 5 people was a challenge because I have so many people in life that I feel have helped mold me to the person I am today so today I choose to write about the 5 that have made the biggest impact. To know me is to know that I am extremely family oriented. I rarely ever make drastic life changes, or even purchases without consulting with my family. Holidays and Sundays are for family, kind of that real old school kind of tradition. My grandmother on my mom’s side if where I’d like to start. Maria Reyes, the funniest and also the meanest little lady I’ve ever known. She only stands at a solid 5’2 but she is definitely known to be the center of attention in any room. My grandma showed me a lot of tough love growing up, my brother was always her favorite. “Although she be little, she be fierce” is the quote that I’ve always felt belonged to my grandma. She raised 5 kids, single and working multiple jobs but I’ve never heard my mom…show more content…
Although both are very opposite from each other in their ways of teaching, they both pushed for the same things, manners, respect, education, to be humble and kind, and to always give thanks. My parents have been divorced for almost 10 years and they can never agree on anything, they can’t even stand to see each other but they will always push their differences aside when it comes to raising me. Both my parents lack a college education which is why coming back to school is always something they’ve pushed me to do and now I’m finally here, trying it all over again. My dad is like my partner in crime while my mom has always been my conscious so they seem to balance me out well. They’ve always supported whatever decisions I’ve made in like, even the bad ones. The most important thing they preach is that they “just want to see me live.” Live life to the fullest with no regrets for what I didn’t do and because of that I wake up trying to make the most of

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