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Symbol of Strength-More than a Uniform The Symbol of Strength-More than a Uniform advertisement from the U.S. army is a successful ad to get people to join the U.S. Army. The ad is mainly targeted at young men who are looking for a purpose in life, or a way to accomplish their goals. It uses rhetorical tools such as emotional appeal, logical appeal, and repetition to convey a strong message on why they should join the army not only to benefit the nation but to benefit themselves. But in the end it withholds vital information on what being in the military can do to a person. The video uses emotional appeal in the video to convince people to join the army. One feature of the video is the music in the background makes the people in the video…show more content…
One example is at the very beginning it says “it’s an acceptance letter,” which implies multiple things. One meaning of it is that the viewer will be accepted into a group and be part of something big, or it could mean this is their ticket to a greater and better education when they get out of the army as they will pay for their tuition when the viewer is done serving in the army. The second meaning is reinforced later in the video when it says “it’s a diploma” showing someone in uniform holding a diploma. Ever wanted to travel around the world join the army “it’s a passport” just carry a gun and fight for us and they can go places they’ve never thought they would go before like the Middle East. When the video says “It can take you further than they ever imagined” in the background the soldiers are repelling down snowy mountains reinforcing the point that it’s a passport to anywhere on earth, it doesn’t matter if it’s snowy or in the middle of a desert it can take them there if they join the…show more content…
Throughout the ad there is never any combat going on in any situation that is shown. In fact they don’t act like their lives are on the line at any point in the video. When they don’t have a stoic face the soldiers are smiling, acting happy that they are part of the army, where their job is to kill. The viewer doesn’t see the psychological effects that war has on someone, which is a huge thing to think about when joining the army because it can affect the rest of their life to the point of ruin. Another vital thing that isn’t shown in the video besides combat or the psychological effects is the physical damage war can cause. At no point does the viewer see anyone who has lost a limb or more in the video. The viewer also never sees a casket or a funeral of someone who died in

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