Two Key Problems For Sound Studies: Sound And Silence

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Question: Two key problems for sound studies are the questions of noise and silence. What are some traditional ways of understanding these concepts? How might these understandings be problematic? Modernity caused in immense developments in all aspect of humanity. Science and technology made things and work easier for people nowadays. Medicine became advanced that there are now many cure to various diseases. Much more, people have found new ways on how to produce sound, store it, and even reproduce it (Pinch & Bijsterveld, 2012). If years ago sound is only produced by human, animals and the nature, sound nowadays is also produced through technology. As a matter of fact, the machines make sounds. Furthermore, it is now possible to convert this sound into something which can be felt by the senses. Sound has various ways in playing a specific role of our everyday life. For example, people can have an access of information through the use of radio. Another is that doctors have the ability to be able to listen to the body using their stethoscope. Through the sound of the patient’s heartbeat and breathing, doctors can diagnose the illness of his or…show more content…
It is pointed out that sound plays a crucial role in television. A narrow understanding of television may contribute to a lack of attentiveness to sound because the use of television is not only for igniting feelings because of the stories portrayed and narrated. The movies, programmes, and other shows played in a television incorporate with it the use of sound to so that there would be a greater connection and understanding to the one viewing and listening to it. Attentiveness to sound will help a person draw its attention to the aspects of television because of the use of sound speaks of a language which is not usually put into words, although at times, this goes

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