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“My Mentor” by Destiny Knox In life, A person may have someone that they look up to and may want to be just like when they grow up. In my Jr. Year of High School I met a woman named Mrs. McNeilly. She was the nicest teacher In the school. She even had a great personality which attracted so many people to her. She was a short, brown skinned, beautiful woman with a smile that lit up the room. I on the other hand, started the school year shy, quiet, and even being a loner. She worked at Lutheran East High School and helped students that needed additional help on class work or helped them prepare for their OGT’s. On my first day of school at Lutheran East High School, everything was so far so good. The school wasn’t what I thought it would have been; most students were nice and even the staff members. On the second week of school. I had gotten called down to the office to meet with my counselor, Mrs. Childs. She was a caring woman who was very committed to her job and always was there for the students whenever they needed her. I never had met someone like her before. She actually loved what she did and took pride in it as well. When I walked into Mrs. Childs S office, there I saw Mrs. McNeilly sitting in a chair staring at me with the biggest smile ever on her face. I somewhat thought it was awkward and it made me feel…show more content…
I will tell you this. Don’t knock it till you try it. I believe in you. You're a smart kid; you got this.” She admitted. She used to tell me “Don’t be afraid of change..” because, I would always come in with an attitude or either sad. I didn’t want my mom to get married. I was so use to her always being independent and having her to myself and not no one else. So I figured that If she gets married than her and I relationship will fade away. I wanted her to be happy but, a part of me was being selfish. When I talked to Mrs. McNeilly about it she said that my mom has a life just like I do and that she deserves to be happy in her

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