Why David Carr's Essay: Should We Become Stupid?

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In school a student has to be able to maintain certain standards. Speaking as a person in that position, I can say that if you don’t have what it takes you’ll be marked as mediocre. Students today are in a race; a race to see who can achieve the highest grades or who can get in to the best grad school/medical school/ or law school. In the past, all you needed was a highschool diploma to be able to obtain a job to maintain yourself and your family. Today, a bachelor's degree may not be enough to get a job worthy of what you sought out to be. Although people today like, David Carr, who say that we have it way too easy. They say we have become lazy and David Carr went as far to say that we are becoming stupid. His motives of calling out the younger generations is because of the technologies that are available. David Carr is insinuating that people who use google might be making them stupid. That article title sounds so enticing, but the travesty is that the article doesn’t do any justice to the title. He relies on many scholars to backup his article and be able to agree with him. David Carr fails to look at the fact that maybe Google might be making us smarter rather than stupid. Everything he says in his article can be an example as to why Google might be…show more content…
I am very sure to say that his credentials speak for themselves in saying that he is a very credible source. With that being said, David Carr fails to use the correct words to describe what the internet has done to Bruce Friedman. While he says that the internet has altered his mental abilities but he fails to say in what way. I assume that Mr. Friedman has worked very hard to be in position he is in now because he is not stupid. He is reading less but that does not alter him to such an extreme to have to say that it is making you dumb. The fact is that there is no necessity for reading long length articles

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