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Water In many countries, water is just as large a cost as heating or electricity since the cost of the water includes sewage and the sewage treatment. This makes it important to watch the water consumption, since a simple leak can make your water bill explode. Here are the major areas for reducing water consumption: • Make sure you have no leaking installations. A toilet where the water keeps running all the time might cost up to one cubic meter water per day. Keep an eye on your water meter. • Avoid watering the garden. Only use plants and grasses that fit your climate. In our house we have a rule, if it cannot live by it selves, it is not fit for our garden. You can make your shrubbery and plants more drought resistant by enriching the…show more content…
There are internet marketplaces or thrift stores, where you might find trendy clothes. If you want brand-new and want to save, buying clothes during sales season can also be a great saver. The sales season is normally around half way through the season, when the next season start to arrive in the shops, sometimes earlier, if the season fails to turn out as expected, e.g. winter or summer doesn’t seem to arrive, which can make shop owners nervous. I have my own clothes strategy. I keep my wardrobe simple and so that most things fit together. New clothes are for partying or special occasions: When the clothes are worn but still nice I use it at work and for everyday use. When it is not that nice anymore, I use it in the garden. The clothes end its life when I am doing paintwork or really dirty work, where the washing machine will not stand a chance. Normally it does not make much sense to repair clothes unless it is expensive. It is something else with shoes. If you buy descent shoes, they are normally easy and relative cheap to repair, and what is better than good old shoes, that really fit? If you take care of your shoes, remember the shoe polish and avoid jumping too much in puddles, they will last for

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