Jose Canseco Case Study

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Jose Canseco, The Godfather Of Steroids In The MLB I’m sitting here wondering whether the Jose Canseco Interview should have been an hour earlier or an hour later ( because the show Intervention was viewed before and after his interview). I really don’t even know where to start. Maybe it was his self-righteous girlfriend, or the Doctor who really put forth a sad showing of how clueless most doctors are when it comes to steroids. I guess we could start with the Dr. He took on this case fully knowing he had no real knowledge other than what he read about steroids in a text book in college. Maybe the thought was he would get free advertisement , and he did, as a Dr. way over his head. He didn’t make any huge mistakes but it just seemed like he had no idea.…show more content…
Just a quick rant but tell his girlfriend that want Jose Canseco to be more fatherly to her daughter to get off her ass and get her real dad to take on such a position. I need to move on to Canseco himself because I could spend hours on the topic of stupidity and his co-stars. Jose Canseco deemed himself “The Godfather of Steroids” in the MLB. He gives himself such an important title in the whole scheme of things within the mess that the media made from his book, but then digresses into a position that it ruined his life. I confused, why celebrate what you see as an atrocity. That’s like being “The Godfather of Douche-Bags” or “The Emperor of Impotency”, it seems like he has a contradiction of thoughts running around that massive head of his. I listened to the results of his blood work and thought yes, score for the steroid society, this man admits to 25 years of steroid abuse and his biggest health issue is his test count. Now i wonder if we could find that same type of result from a heroin addict of 25 years, I’m not willing to scour the streets looking for such a subject but I’m guessing most

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