Hegemony In Society

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History has shown that hegemony in America is able to reinforce itself through social consent and the power of mass media, but more recently, has media turned away from the hegemony? Hegemony, as defined by Douglas Kellner, is the “ruling social and cultural forces of domination” (3). In the United States he claims the hegemony to be the white man. Due to this hegemony, the concept of white privilege based on race came about in society. McIntosh compares white privilege to being like “an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, clothes, tools and blank checks” (193). Omi and Winant define race as “a concept which signifies and symbolizes social conflicts and interests by referring to different…show more content…
In Rogue One, the Alliance seeks out Jyn and asks for her help (which later includes the help of her friends) as it is crucial to the survival of the universe. Instead of being criminals and outcasts, Jyn and her non-white friends are portrayed as the only ones who can save the universe and are labeled as heroes. This is a giant step against Hollywood and the racial dictatorship that it has had in America as the people of color are not only being included within the storyline, but are the heroes of the entire film. Furthermore, the film Dope presents Malcom and his group of friends as outcasts, not because they are people of color, but instead because they are people of color who act “white.” However, throughout the film Malcom and his friends find themselves becoming more and more included in society. In the beginning of the film, Dom the neighborhood drug dealer asks Malcom to help him get with Nakia, but Nakia says she will only go to Dom’s party if Malcom goes as well. Additionally, towards the end of the film Malcom and his friends gain respect from everyone on the streets after establishing their legitimacy dealing drugs. The initial otherization of Malcom and his friends because of their whiteness is opposite from what we normally see in Hollywood films due to the hegemony and racial dictatorship. In the end, the
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