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Throughout the school day, teens constantly feel stressed. The students arrive at home, finish their homework and immediately get on their phone or computer and play games as a way to relax. This impulsive need to play games expresses parents’ concerns that video games are truly addictive. People constantly have concerns about their child or friends’ fixation on video games, especially when they can get these games just about anywhere. Video games have a reward system that makes the gamer want to sit and play for hours, trying to achieve the goal of the game. This has caused problems and concerns from a multitude of parents, however, some argue that video games do not cause an addictive behavior. Although some people believe that video games…show more content…
Teens can easily get a game on their phone or computer, free or bought. For Christmas or birthdays, the first item a child wants is a game to go with their new electronic devices. Technology and video games alike are pervasive and never ending in the world. The want and the access is there, which fuel the already out of control fire of video game addiction. Samantha Bresnahan and Will Worley, journalists from CNN, interviewed Douglas Gentile, a psychologist who has been studying the effects of video games for decades. He emphasizes that, “‘this is why we're seeing Internet Gaming Disorder becoming a bigger problem because now, not only has almost everyone got a computer, and almost everyone has a video game system in their home ... but now you've got a cell phone and you've got games on it and you can access games pretty much everywhere.’” The use of electronic devices, for everyday activities, increases the likelihood of a teen obtaining a game. With hundreds of options of free apps, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how a person can receive a game. Through the use of new technology and easy access to video games, the crave to play runs high, which helps cause this addiction, as well as the pleasure and reward system that games offer their

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