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1.8 GAMING ADDICTION Gaming Addiction is an addiction to online video games, be it any genre of games e.g. role-playing games, action games, social games or any interactive gaming environment that is available online. For most young people, playing games on a computer, gaming console, or handheld device is just a regular part of the day. Most are able to manage and balance the multiple demands of school, sports, work or and strike a work- life balance. Gaming becomes an addiction when it starts to affect the person's relationships or his/her pursuit of other goals, such as good scores in exams or being a contributing member of a sports team. Video games, especially the massive multi-online role-playing games (or MMORPGs) such as "World of Warcraft," are quite addictive. They allow players to behave very differently from their normal personality. Gamers who become hooked to these games show clear signs of addiction. Gamers who play…show more content…
This is done so that the user does not get annoyed. But the case of Candy Crush is a little different. The limits Candy Crush players have to go through are the key ingredients in its addictive power. In Candy Crush, players just get five lives and after that they have to wait for 30 minutes. Some spots in the game even force the players to wait till the next day. Rather than annoying the players, these breaks prevent continuous playing and thus the game never becomes monotonous. Many experiments have shown that we have a tendency to prefer things that are in short supply. Candy Crush exploits this concept quite well. If a product is available in limited quantity, is hard to get, or available only for a fixed time period, then it will seem more attractive to the users. Thus, Candy Crush makes the gamer long for it. Or if the gamer is impatient then he/she can pay to get back in the game — this helps in bringing revenue. “Free” Motivates the

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