Adults In The Glies In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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I will tie my reasonings, rephase/summarize less, explain my citations and tie to them more to the theme to improve my writing. Adults influence the minds of younger generations. In the book “Lord of the Flies” by Williams Golding, Adults are needed for society to function. Adults are also needed to keep kids in check. Adults are needed in a community to function properly, without adults the younger generation would be violent and not equal amongst each other. Roger and Jack were the first to display violent actions and they thought they could do whatever they were capable of because there was no adults the island. Roger throws a stone by Henry, but was unable to him due to common sense of a common citizen of a community. “Roger stooped,…show more content…
Piggy was craving a cut-out of the pig the hunters hunted, but Jack refuse to give him some because he didn't hunt for it. “Piggy spoke, also dribbling. “‘Aren’t I having none?’ Jack had meant to leave him in doubt, as an assertion of power; but Piggy by advertising his omission made more cruelty necessary” (Golding 73). Jack intentionally refused to give piggy a cut-out of the pig, for the reason that Jack dislikes Piggy. Piggy then asked Jack why he didn't get a piece of meat and Jack’s only response was because he didn't hunt for it. Piggy then states Ralph and Simon both didn’t hunt either. The lack of respect was shown by Jack through this situation. Piggy was violated by Jack when he grabbed piggy’s glasses and stole them to spark a flame. “‘His specs-use them as burning glasses!’ Piggy was surrounded before he could back away. ‘Here- let me go!’ His voice rose to a shriek of terror as Jack snatched the glasses off his face.” (Golding 40). Jack takes the glasses of piggy's face, which violated piggy and it showed that kids don't care about other people if they don’t know them. If adults were there they would of told the boys to ask piggy for his glasses and to respect his decisions. Piggy is a very important character in the book because of his glasses, but people still abuse him because he is overweight and short. If adults were there they wouldn't bully piggy, but since they…show more content…
Piggy is naming of all the names of the boy son the island to jack and jack just disrespects him for no reason. “You’re talking too much...Shut up, Fatty.” (Golding 21). Jack’s constantly trying to bully piggy, in this instance, he tells him to be quiet because he’s taking too much, which was aggressive and rude. When adults aren’t supervising kids, kids can be very cruel to each other and that's why children need adult influences. Jack refuses to give piggy meat, but Simon then gives piggy some which was good of Simon. Jacks then gives simon meat, but with a harsh remark.”Eat! Damn you!” (Golding 85). Simon kindly gave Piggy a slice of pig/boar. Jack threw another slice to simon which was good, but since Jack is rude he had to make a harsh remark. Adults are needed because adults would of told Jack to share. Finally, If jack was around adults, he wouldn’t of been so rude and aggressive to others. Since adults aren’t there, he’s aggressive and rude. Adults are needed in a community, without adults kids will be rude and aggressive amongst each other. In the book “Lord of the flies” by Williams Golding, Roger and Jack were the first to display violent actions and didn’t care what others thought. Piggy was also the victim of bullying which was unjust and rude. Lastly, Jack was one of the main characters to become aggressive and rude to others before any one displayed anything. Overall, Adults shape

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