Wudaoying Hutong Case Study

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The in-depth survey of economic activities in Wudaoying Hutong With large amount of fancy restaurants and bars gathering there, Wudaoying Hutong is considered as a place where petty bourgeois will frequently visit. Searching on dianping.com, which is a popular restaurants’ rating website in China, our group found that the over 80% of the restaurants there has an average consumption around 150 yuan. During weekends, the stores here are crowded with visitors from all over the world. Wudaoying Hutong has unique business mode which attract our group’s attention. Different from Xidan or Wangfujing shopping street, there are no chain stores here, every store is unique and creative. There is no doubt that here is one of the places with the most energetic…show more content…
Western and eastern restaurants have intense competition there. One of the most representative western restaurants Saffron is quite popular among wide range of visitors. Paella, fried mushrooms with olives, Italian raw beef and oxtail soup are the top recommendations in Saffron restaurant. The menu shows majority meals are cooked by meat, which gives a common sense that western people prefer to eat meat. However, Chinese dietitian emphases the significance of absorbing more vegetables for meal. Moreover, parts of Chinese people choose to be a vegan, which seems to become a tendency in contemporary society. In WuDaoYing Hutong, YeBoZhai is a Chinese restaurant that provides vegetarian meals. YeBoZhai restaurant uses all vegetables ingredients to cook the meals that tastes like meat dishes. As a result, it is easily to see that the food variation in the WuDaoYing Hutong because of cultural preference. In addition, WuDaoYing Hutong is famous for comfortable and romantic coffee shops. Milk is the necessary ingredient for making coffee. Pure milk, skimmed milk and soy milk are three typical types of milk to make coffee. Besides, dessert like cheese cake contains large amount of dairy. According to the first ring of Von Thunen’s Model, the dairy produces milk belongs to perishable items. In order to satisfy the huge amount of milk, the milk factory should be produced close to the coffee shops. Both dairy and coffee shops have to make sure the milk usage is within the quality guarantee period. Above all, under the intense competition, one coffee shop needs to offer better service among the coffee market to become outstanding. Therefore, the freshness of the ingredients, smiling service and comfortable atmosphere are all supposed to be taken

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