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Policies, strategies, and plans are not ends in themselves but are part of a larger process aimed at aligning priorities with the actual health needs of the population and promoting their support among government partners, health and development partners, civil society groups and the private sector, Of all the resources available to the health sector - so that all people in all places have access to quality healthcare that will extend their life and their health as a result. Therefore, health policy includes vaccinations because it is essential for a healthy and safe society. The vaccination or vaccination is done after the birth of the child to strengthen immunity and non-infection of diseases spread and also a vaccination for adults, the…show more content…
It is recommended to complete the recommended vaccinations for people with chronic diseases and other groups at high risk of disease. Travelers are advised to travel to health centers well in advance of their departure to take the recommended vaccinations according to their destination. There are people who believe that naturally evolving immunity is better than the immunity that forms in the wake of vaccination. It should be noted that natural pollution can cause serious complications and be fatal. Diseases that most people consider to be simple diseases, such as chickenpox, can cause serious contamination that can lead to hospitalization. Vaccinations are like any other medication, which will lead to side effects. The most common side effects are simple symptoms. However, many symptoms of diseases that are prevented by vaccination can be dangerous and even fatal. Although many of these diseases are rare in Israel, they spread throughout the world and also reach the country and endanger children who have not received

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