Child Labor Speech

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The famed child labor teen activist, Craig Kielburger, once said, "I saw him [Iqbal] as a hero for speaking out about child labor. I suddenly understood that a young person can make a difference." This quote by Craig relates to the world problem of child labor because a young person, like Iqbal who was “a young person”, changed the world by telling the devastating truth about child labor, and made people see the suffering world right they never saw before. Child labor is a humongous world problem, where children are enslaved against their will. Teen activists, a young adult who campaigns for a world change, try to stop the disastrous problem of child labor. Some give up their lives for their cause, and some get inspired by that. Many…show more content…
According to, “the small boy [Iqbal] spent his days crouches over a loom weaving handmade carpets [for six years]. Finally, when Iqbal was 10, he escaped. Free at last, Iqbal began traveling around his native Pakistan, speaking out against child labor.” ( This quote by Scholastic, a magazine company that tells world’s problems along with many other things, proves that Iqbal fights against child labor because he traveled around the world “speaking out against child labor” ( to keep his ongoing cause without hesitation. In addition, Iqbal even went to the United States and recruited schools, like Broad Meadows, to help battle child labor before he was murdered. Even though he died, his cause stayed with many people’s heart. J Kile’s article “Iqbal Masih” explains that even after Iqbal died, his speeches encourages thousands of slaves to escape, and inspired many people, like Craig Kielburger, around the world to campaign against child labor ( This paraphrase by, a website that explains what many “heros” helped improve the world, shows that Iqbal improved the world’s tragic problem of child labor because Iqbal’s cause of opposing child labor stayed, despite the fact he died. As a result, Broad Meadows raised more than $100,000 and recruited another school, Mirman, which used books as their weapons. Every book a student…show more content… wrote, “[Criag] Kielburger set out to educate himslef about human rights… on a trip thorugh South Asia… Kielburger came home to Canada determined to help the children he met... 12-year-old Kielburger founded Kids Can Free the Children. Believing education is one of the best ways to fight child labor, … [Craig] established “Friendship Schools” linking schools in developing countries… around the world.” This quote by, a website with biographies of famous people that helped improve the world, demonstrates that Craig helped wiping out child labor because he established “Friendship Schools” by believing education was the best ways to oppose against child labor. He also made speeches to fight against the world’s shattering problem of child labor. Craig, also, found an organization. Jerrilyn Jacobs’ article “Peacemaker Hero: Craig Kielburger” explains that Free the Children is the largest international network helping children that campaigns for child labor with many overwhelming accomplishments ( This paraphrase by, a website with biographies of famous people that helped improve the world massively, proves that Craig helped trying to end child labor because he founded a enormous network called Free the Children, that accomplished many things. He had accomplishment like raising more the $2.5 million dollars worth of medical supplies to Free the
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